Most Britons buy Valentines Day gifts a week in advance, but spend less


Online shopping data from Rakuten Marketing reveals that Valentine‘s Day shoppers in the UK buy their presents a week before the most romantic day of the year.

Afiiliate company Rakuten LinkShare saw sales spikes in the UK eight days before Valentine‘s Day which points towards British lovers being more prepared than other lovers around the world.

The data revealed that when looking at shopping behaviours globally, the most popular day for buying gifts was actually just two days before Valentine‘s Day in 2013.

Online sales in the UK and US have continued to rise year-on-year in the run up to Valentine‘s Day. However, it seems that partners in the UK are becoming cost-conscious when it comes to buying a gift. The average basket size on Valentine‘s Day shrunk by 20 per cent in the UK 2013 compared to 2012. Flowers, jewellery and luxury items continued to be the most popular gifts, and the beauty sector particularly saw a massive spike in the lead up to Valentine‘s Day.

Globally, retailers in the network saw a peak in sales across tablet and smartphone in the lead up to Valentine‘s Day. Both channels saw a boom in sales the Sunday before February 14th last year, suggesting that lovers are browsing in the comfort of their home on these devices to purchase a gift.

Mark Haviland, MD, Rakuten Marketing Europe comments: “By understanding the boom in sales that takes place a couple of days before this key event in the retail calendar, retailers have the tools to capture customers. Captivating consumers with a timely offer or the promise of delivery in time for Valentine‘s Day are brilliant ways to tap into the last minute attitude of couples purchasing gifts.”