Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Rakuten Marketing launches new omni-channel platform


New York firm Rakuten Marketing is rolling out a new omni-channel platform called ‘Cadence‘ as it unifies its marketing offer.

Cadence – which is defined as ‘balanced rhythmic flow‘ – provides an overview into real time performance so brands can see which channel provides the strongest results.

“Rakuten Marketing will use a variety of technologies, as well as the insights of highly experienced service teams to support the evolution of digital marketing as it responds to the ever-changing demands of modern consumers,” said Yaz Iida, CEO of Rakuten Marketing.

The company says the new platform will let marketers see how many times a customer is exposed to a message before making a purchase and what the cost of customer acquisition is.

Alessio Rossi, vice president of Interactive Marketing, Lancôme Paris said he was “confident” that the streamlined approach would allow Lancôme to achieve greater results online and offline.