Barclaycard targets desire for relationships in bespoke offer push

Barclaycard will bring “drama” to a functional category in a three-month nationwide campaign that aims to bring customers together with their “perfect purchase.”

The TV ads focus on “key categories” fashion accessories and technology and is supported by print, digital marketing and social media to raise the brands personalised offers.

“We are now building greater emotional warmth and resonance for the brand through this campaign,” said Stuart Beamish, marketing director at bespoke offers.

In the first spot, a girl is depicted swooning over a perfect partner before the camera draws out to reveal that, rather than a gentleman lover, her perfect match is in fact a handbag. The second shows a male protagonist serenading his match which turns out to be a tablet he secured at a lower price.

The company, which has over 1m users, has also launched a social media “war room” that will create branded content relevant to the news agenda that picks up on the same theme.

Creative concepts of the campaign was developed by BBH while RAPP executed the print, outdoor and digital create. The media was planned and bought by Maxus.


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