Pets at Home tracking shoppers with digital loyalty card


Pet retailer Pets at Home has replaced its paper coupons and plastic gift cards with a new digital loyalty card in its 350 + stores and online.

The multi-channel platform, powered by Eagle Eye, integrates into the current POS system and allows the company to digitise redemption offerings as well as a deliver-to-store service which allows customers to collect products in store when shopping online.

Gavin Hawthorn, head of VIP at Pets at Home commented: “We can track shopper behaviour and ensure that our customers are getting the best possible service as well as offers that are truly relevant to them and their pets.”

Chief executive Nick Wood said new services and its VIP Club loyalty scheme were encouraging shoppers to visit its stores more often.

Pets at Home were valued at £1.23bn when it floated earlier this year and is planning 50 new pet grooming salons and up to 60 more veterinary practises in the year ahead.