Saturday, January 19, 2019

Bonmarché reports 13.5% sales rise


Named “Britain‘s most boring shop” by the Daily Mail, it would be fair to say that so far the hype around the fashion retailer has been somewhat limited. However with yet another rise in sales (16.9 per cent for the 13 week period ended 28 June 2014) it would appear that Bonmarché has been somewhat underestimated.

Whilst their store only sales rose by an impressive 13.5 per cent, it was their internet sales that saw the largest increase. The report announced a huge 53.5 per cent rise in internet purchases, showing the 30 year-old retailer is very much keeping with the times.

One of the few women‘s clothing stores targeted at woman over 50, the company certainly has a market. Not only are products sold across 268 stores but also through a website, a catalogue and through online shopping channel Ideal.

Beth Butterwick, Bonmarché chief executive, was pleased by the news and stated: “We have made a good start to the new financial year and the spring/summer ranges have sold well – we are pleased at the response of customers to our improved offering.

“Our new store/concession opening programme has also begun well and is on track. The good weather enjoyed during the Q1 period has had a beneficial impact on sales, although at this early stage we are not altering our expectations for the current financial year.”


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