Saturday, February 23, 2019

Progress towards a UK E-Cigarette industry standard

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Steps are being taken to regulate the E-cigarette industry; this comes among growing concerns, from both World Health Organization (WHO) and The United Nations health organization, about the safety of the cigarette alternative.

The trade body ‘ECITA‘ have formally presented a draft Publically Available Specification (PAS) to the British Standards Institute. The blueprint has been shaped over recent weeks in a series of meetings between ECITA and government departments and agencies. With a wide range of independent members, ECITA provides an attractive source of technical advice for officials undoubtedly concerned about appearing neutral in a diverse industry.

ECITA are currently in consultation with major e-cigarette companies. “ECITA recognises the pressure from government, consumers and manufacturers for a standard to be in place as soon as possible. None of these stakeholders want to see the process delayed as that would further undermine the consumer confidence that underpins demand for e-cigarettes,” said Katherine Devlin, President of ECITA. Suggestions detailed in the report include regulating marketing claims and ensuring all ingredients are safe.

This news follows recent accusations from the WHO, who claimed that E-cigarettes should be banned from indoor areas due to a lack of information on the health risks. Their report also said that e-cigarettes which are flavoured to taste like fruit, sweets and alcoholic drinks should be banned because they encourage children to use the product. The industry — worth an estimated $3 billion per year- currently markets e-cigarettes as a less-toxic product that can help smokers quit but the WHO maintained there was no scientific proof to support this.