Sunday, December 5, 2021

Could Maestlin system signal revolution in off-the-rack menswear?

London-based brand Maestlin is attempting to change the way men shop through the implementation of a new sizing system designed to provide a more accurate fit. Rather than the conventional S/M/L system, the Maestlin system factors in a combination of shoulder and waist measurements especially designed for the male torso.

The concept, named after a 16th century astronomer and mathematician who enumerated the “golden ratio”, is calculated by dividing the shoulder circumference by waist circumference, which determines the dominance of the shoulders and so creates a ‘Shape Ratio‘. Its founder, Victor Chung, argues that the system is set to become an everyday essential in the wardrobes of men across the UK.

Chung has focused on “finding a way to provide men with an effective solution to clothing fit – without the expense of custom tailoring”. Drawing its name from the newly-launched company focuses on what it thinks matters most in men‘s clothing: improved fit, high quality materials and classic designs. According to Maestlin, by allowing body shape to be measureable, individuals are able to quickly and accurately determine what body shape a garment has been designed for.

The creation of the statistical model saw Maestlin designers meticulously study the variations between different body dimensions. By moving away from the market standard of subjective body shape descriptions, the ‘Shape Ratio‘ provides men with a quick and simple way to find shirts that flatter their physique.

Maestlin‘s own range is somewhat limited, using the Shape Ratio concept to develop a classic line of polo shirts. The company has used quality material one would expect to find at the higher end of the market, although the 100% two-ply cotton shirts are available online for £55 each.


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