Targeting the Lidl class – discount chain unveils £20m ad campaign

Lidl, who is currently implementing a £220 million expansion, is not famed for it‘s frills and packaging. Whilst it may be at the forefront of the great supermarket price battle, when it comes to brand identity and polish the German retailer has been lagging behind it‘s more established competitors.

However the company‘s £20m advertising investment looks set to change things. Lidl is hoping to acquire new customers (particularly those likely to buy their £11.99 Comte de Senneval champagne) by showcasing the freshness and locality of it‘s products.

It‘s new advert, which premiered at the V&A Museum in London Wednesday night, clearly tries to depict the German retailer as a store engaged with the local British grocery scene. Lidl Surprises, Lidl‘s main advert, features shoppers visiting a farmers market in London‘s East End; they are surprised when the good value fresh products that they buy turn out to be sourced from Lidl. Surprisingly, UK-sourced goods already account for more than £1.75billion – 65 per cent – of its turnover. The supermarket is also said it is expecting a 20 per cent surge in sales this year with customer spending forecast to rocket from £3.3billion in 2013 to £4billion.

UK managing director Ronny Gottschlich said: “We‘ve always believed that there doesn‘t need to be a compromise between offering excellent quality and excellent value, and, as our sales figures show, the British public increasingly shares that belief.

“We know that many of our first-time visitors are attracted by a particular offer or product, or just by sheer curiosity, but they choose to keep coming back when they realise that we sell the best quality, freshest food at the best price.”


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