Savvy Shopper: How bloggers and YouTubers helping us make more informed shopping choices


There is no secret about the success of bloggers and vloggers (video bloggers) which are fast becoming recognisable and mainstream public figures. Informative and approachable YouTubers such as Tanya Burr and Anna from ‘Vivianna does make-up‘ are casually educating their millions of viewers and subscribers on the best purchases.

Blogger and vlogger Essie Button did a series of brand focus videos in which she looked into the background and discussed her favourite products from beauty brands such as Bobbi Brown and Tarte. Brands and PR companies are taking notice and value the impact that the vloggers and bloggers can have on their brand. This has resulted in companies creating relationships with them, sending products, press releases and taking them to events. Laura Mercier and Tarte take the bloggers out for breakfasts and afternoon teas. Burberry even gave vloggers backstage access to their extremely exclusive London Fashion Week show.

As the bloggers and vloggers have become more knowledge as does their audience. What may have once started off as a little post or video about some nice drugstore lipsticks has become an informed and detailed review with insider information and extra details/tips.

When online shopping the presence of either a good friend for advice or well trained sales staffs is lost but through the help of YouTube the vloggers are the perfect alternatives shopping companion. The perfect mix of the two, vloggers are the chatty and friendly yet also offer good advice on fashion and beauty. Primark hauls are one of the more popular videos on YouTube since the brand is not available online vloggers such as the hugely popular Zoella gives a detailed review on all of Primark‘s recently launched beauty products so viewers know what is in store before even entering the store.

Vloggers and bloggers support retailers by encouraging subscribers to purchase products that there is currently a hype and demand about. On the other hand many vloggers such as Fleur De Force often produce a video on disappointing products which advises their audiences on what products are a waste of their money. With the likes of sponsored Instagram‘s and product placement creeping its way into the YouTube and blogging community vloggers are a friend to retailers just as much as they are to their subscribers.


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