Saturday, February 23, 2019

Get some space in your life


There is a rising demand for creative storage solutions and as the population grows, units from IKEA just won‘t cut it. Enter self storage businesses.

One notable self-storage group, and Winner of a Sunday Times Best Companies To Work For accolade on more than one occasion, is Big Yellow. With around 67 stores open in the UK (big, yellow things on the sides of roads), the retailer stands out as a place to work, and also buy from.

A sales advisor at Big Yellow is on hand to sell and manage space, which is becoming more expensive and something of a commodity.

For those in the process of moving or redeveloping their home, students in-between accommodation, or even collectors of anything from Star Wars memorabilia to hundreds of Vogue issues, self storage is fast becoming a viable alternative to loft, sheds and garages – spaces that Britons today don‘t always have access to.

Of Big Yellow‘s competitors, don‘t mention them. In April of this year, YouGov surveyed 1523 participants living across the UK (but not Northern Ireland) and found that when asked the names of any self storage companies that came to mind, 21% said Big Yellow, a mere 2% said Safestore and a lowly 1% said Lok n Store and Access. What sets Big Yellow apart from competitors however, isn‘t the yellow exterior, but the staff: characters who are just as cheerful as the primary colour.

At Big Yellow, both internal and external customer satisfaction is the priority. Sale pushes are overshadowed by authentic service, which leads to organic profits. By investing time and money in a commendable employee benefit program, top form for all members of staff has been sealed.

Under the company‘s Pleasure Points programme, managers are allocated a budget to recognise performance with points that can be exchanged by employees for high-street vouchers. Points can also be earned by introducing a friend who is successfully hired, suggesting a ‘bright idea‘ that is implemented to improve the business and even just by reaching a landmark birthday.

Big Yellow prides itself on treating employees as individuals, rather than just ‘payroll numbers‘. This is re-affirmed through extensive training and development available for all, a quarterly paid bonus, internal progression encouragement, discounted gym membership and countless other advantages.

So it seems if you‘re not storing at Big Yellow, you should be working there instead.