Saturday, February 16, 2019

UK Mums: The Mobile Shoppers


New research from global parenting site BabyCentre shows that mobile is likely to have a central role in purchasing amongst the highly influential group of UK Mums.

Almost two-thirds of British Mums (62%) are shopping weekly on their smartphones and this channel has become even more critical in assisting them through their purchase journeys. An average of 63% of Mums are using their phones to get product ideas, compare features and pricing. BabyCentre has tracked an average 37% rise in these behaviours from last year alone.

Among those who use their phone for shopping, almost two-thirds use it when searching for clothing, shoes or accessories (64%) and over half whilst shopping for toys and books (54%) and groceries (51%).

Almost half (48%) are also relying on their smartphones to find vouchers or deals and decide where to buy (49%), a steep increase of 60% on average since 2013.

Nearly 2 in 3 Mums actively use their mobiles when they are out shopping (59%) in-store, specifically for shopping. The main reason for mums to use their phone in-store is to compare prices. Among all mums who use their phone in-store, 43% use price comparison apps. Mums use their phone most frequently when shopping in supermarkets (43%), baby speciality shops (40%) and mass merchandisers (32%).

In-store scanning on mobile is also on the rise. Nearly one in three Mums have scanned a barcode in-store (29%). After scanning a product, mums who decide to buy the product, are as likely to order it online when they get home using a laptop or tablet (51%), than buying the product in the store (48%). Super savvy Mums are purchasing the item from another retailer whilst they are in rival shops (26%).

One-click buying options have been used by 66% of UK Mums and as many as 3 in 4 this group are comfortable using this tool.

Currently Mums report that they feel most comfortable buying lower cost items on their smartphones. For example, mums reported feeling ‘very comfortable‘ purchasing small items for baby (67%), household supplies (66%), toys (62%), groceries (60%) and beauty/personal care products (57%) on their phone. However, more expensive items like cars are showing good promise with 31% of Mums feeling very or somewhat comfortable making this purchase via mobile. In fact, among the 13% of mums who have shopped for a car on their mobile in the past 6 months, 71% used it to research cars, 58% looked for local dealers and 54% read automotive reviews online.

Julie Michaelson, Vice President of Sales at BabyCentre, comments: “Our 2014 UK mobile Mum data shows just how much British Mums are increasingly reliant on their phones for purchase decisions. This time strapped group of consumers has quickly learned the short cuts to buying key items for their family.

“The data also shows how retailers need to seriously consider mums‘ utilization of mobile to engage with this influential audience and, importantly, keep up with these early adopters.”


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