Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Wishing for a successful e-commerce season


In the run up to Christmas, Retail Gazette stumbled upon a letter to Santa from Philip Rooke, CEO at Spreadshirt:

Dear Santa,

CEOs are always difficult people to buy for, so what do we really want for Christmas? I‘m not so bothered about the day itself, it‘s the run-up that I have a wish list for. For a perfect e-commerce Christmas please can we have:

Ӣ As few weekends as possible? I need as many delivery days and as few high street shopping days as possible. Christmas Eve on a Sunday would be perfect.

Ӣ Rain but no snow? More rain means staying inside and shopping online, but snow will bring delivery challenges with it (especially in the UK!).

Ӣ Creativity inspired by good news? Something like the ice-bucket challenge, but without the ice and on a t-shirt (makes note to get the marketing team on this for next year).

Ӣ More Susans? The in-house name for our target customer; Susan does more shopping for family and friends which means a higher basket.

”¢ Products not vouchers? We‘d much rather people received a customised hoody than a voucher which they may not use. It‘s the thought that counts, as we all know, at Christmas.

Then all I need on Christmas Day is dinner with my loved ones and the sense of relief which comes with the last delivery (I‘m sure you can understand this).

Thanks! Philip