‘Starbucks evening’ gets a general thumbs up from consumers


Coffee chain Starbucks has decided to stop selling CDs in its stores, focusing instead on dinner delicacies and adult beverages, as the ‘Starbucks evening‘ prepares to arrive in Essex.

The news comes after the US supergiant witnessed CD sales decline by 15% last year, selling only 104.8m units. Free downloadable music will still be available but physical CDs will be scrapped from March.

Starbucks will be shifting its focus to the evening programme, introducing late night meals and beverages to the UK. The launch will kick off at the newly renovated Stanstead Airport, where delicacies such as prawn skewers and British beef will be available, alongside a selection of wines.

Ian Cranna, Vice President of Marketing for Starbucks EMEA said, “We are delighted to launch the first Evenings Programme in the UK”.

There are some that are less than impressed with the move. According to reports from OnePulse, a leading survey provider, 24% of surveyed participants, believe that Starbucks should not serve alcohol because it will become less of a coffee shop. One tester was unconvinced with the move, commenting, “It‘s where you go for a quiet coffee, if you want alcohol there‘s plenty of pubs”.

The general consensus from OnePulse‘s data suggests that the overall perception of Starbucks evenings is positive. The results were compiled by testing 500 males and females aged between 18 – 65, with a 100% response. While 39% feel that Starbucks shouldn‘t serve alcohol, a staggering 61% thought that alcohol should be served on the menu, with 78% of participants highlighting that they are likely to go to Starbucks for an alcoholic drink in the UK.

Consumption of alcohol will only be available in store, while vegetarian options including vegetable crudités and stone-baked flatbreads will cater to wider audiences. With a thumbs up from the public, Starbucks is set to play on.


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