The retail dating game: getting to the second date


Retailers and shoppers are both searching for the perfect relationship. Retailers are desperate seeking the customers who will be the most loyal and most profitable for their business, and that means carefully crafting an experience in all channels that keeps the customer coming back for more.

An infographic from big data prescriptive analytics software company OrderDynamics demonstrates how relentless retailers are when asking for a ‘second date‘. Benchmarking 60+ retailers, OrderDynamics sought to find out how retailers attempt to woo customers into making a second purchase: almost half of retailers were dubbed ‘smooth operators‘, sending around 1-5 e-mails a month. Around a third of retailers send no marketing e-mails a month, titled ‘No Show‘.

Perhaps the latter category of retailers believe that customers don‘t read e-mails, but a survey indicates otherwise, with OrderDynamics‘ research highlighting that 74% of consumers do read e-mails from retailers. The infographic also looks at whether retailers are romancing customers in the right way. Apparently not. Around 30% of retailers were found to bombard customers with irrelevant e-mails.

So how smooth are retailers‘ communications to customers? When it comes to communicating about order status, retailers are missing an opportunity to connect directly with their customers. Only 15% of retailers offer consumer end-to-end order tracking through their own website without involving a third party. 56% of shoppers highlight that they want order tracking exclusively through a retailers‘ website whereas only 19% want to hear from multiple parties, including the delivery company.

Please go out with me again!

We all know that customers love a good sale and are now condition to receive discounted or even free shipping and timing is everything. So, are retailers offering compelling incentives to their loyal customers, at the right time? 44% of retailers aren‘t. Don‘t be one of them!