American Apparel granted restraining order against Dov Charney‘s trash talk

Dov Charney, ousted American Apparel founder and CEO has been struggling with the divorce between him and the company he founded in 1989. Since his departure at the end of last year, notorious Charney has been bad mouthing the teen retailer.

On Monday, a Delaware judge granted the company with a temporary restraining order against Charney‘s disparaging verbal attacks. The former CEO is prohibited from criticising the Los-Angeles based company that fired him in December. According to the ruling, Charney‘s removal was a result of sexual harassment allegations and other alleged misconduct activities.

Charney, who has publicly expressed a strong desire to oust the board members who fired him, has also been banned from trying to remove any member of the board. An agreement he signed last July was referenced by the judge who stated that the individual is prevented from re-joining the company in any way, and that he is unable to encourage others to further slate the fashion retailer.

The agreement was quickly broken as around half a dozen former employees and shareholders who are linked to Charney have attempted to sue American Apparel. The American retailer responded by suing its former CEO for violating the terms of the agreement.

“The company cannot and should not be in the business of constantly responding to Mr. Charney‘s disruption, disparagement and lawsuits, much less any takeover attempt,” according to American Apparel‘s complaint filed last month in the Delaware Chancery Court.

“The court‘s order is temporary in nature,” said Charney‘s lawyer, Stephen Brauerman. “We haven‘t had the ability to fully challenge them, but Mr. Charney intends to comply with the court‘s order.”

Talya Misiri 


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