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Facebook adds a trolley: the social media site’s new e-commerce venture


Facebook is set to drive greater traffic and user times as it plans to branch out into e-commerce. The global social media giant is undergoing testing of a new initiative that will allow users to shop for clothes and other products directly from their news feeds.  

The new venture, which is part of Facebook’s new ad experience Canvas, will enable the user to click on a retailer’s advert and buy products on the same page. Users will either be redirected to the retailer’s webpage or have the option to buy items directly off of their Facebook News Feed. To do this, Facebook has implemented a “Buy” button into their advertisements on the site’s app 

"When people click on products from ads in their News Feed, the mobile websites they’re directed to often take a while to load and aren’t optimised, increasing the chance that people will drop off," said Facebook in a blog post. 

Facebook’s new ecommerce strategy aims to create a “single place for people to more easily discover, share, and purchase products.” 

Emma Rodgers, Facebook's Head of Product Marketing for Commerce, told Reuters "We're looking to give people an easier way to find products that will be interesting to them on mobile, make shopping easier and help businesses drive sales". 

While Facebook has an abundance of data concerning its users’ online behaviour, it has not tracked purchasing habits until now.  

The social media platform is expected to take in $12.52bn in worldwide mobile ad revenue in 2015, a 68.7% increase on last year.  

Published on Wednesday 14 October by Talya Misiri

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