Sunday, November 29, 2020

Mark Price, MD of Waitrose and Deputy Chairman, to leave the Partnership


After 33 years with the John Lewis Partnership, Managing Director of Waitrose and Deputy Chairman Mark Price has today set out his intention to step down and to leave the Partnership on 3rd April 2016.”¯ Price has worked with Sir Charlie Mayfield, the Partnership‘s Chairman, to agree the timing of his leaving in the best interests of the Partnership”. 

Rob Collins, Waitrose‘s Retail Director, will succeed Price when he steps down.”¯Collins has been with the Partnership for 22 years, initially with John Lewis in a number of senior roles before moving to Waitrose in 2007 to establish its e-commerce business.”¯ In 2010 Collins was appointed Personnel Director and in early 2012 became Retail Director.”¯”¯”¯  

Sir Charlie Mayfield said:  

“Mark is pursuing new opportunities, but he will remain a passionate advocate of the Partnership and its ownership model.”¯ He has had a long and distinguished career with the Partnership and his leadership of Waitrose has seen outstanding success.”¯ As a member of the Partnership Board for 11 years and Deputy Chairman since 2013, Mark has played a key role in steering the Partnership and has been a valued and trusted colleague.  

Rob Collins has been a central figure in Waitrose‘s management team for a number of years and his strong leadership skills and operational success have ensured that he has been a central part of the Board’s thinking on succession planning for some time.”¯ I’m confident that he will make the step-up to the Managing Director role quickly and effectively.” 


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