New Wyevale store blooms in time for Christmas


Thursday saw the grand reopening of the Cardiff Wyevale Garden Centre, which is returning to the chain as a new flagship store. 

The original outlet perished in a fire on 19th November 2013. Jean Hughes, Founder of the original Wyevale nurseryattended as well as local firemen. 

Cardiff‘s new Wyevale centre is designed with a wider audience in mind. Beyond gardening, it will offer a number of concessions including Yankee Candle and Bon Marche, as well as a Botanic kitchen and children‘s play area.  

In offering something beyond the gardening niche, the centre has the chance to appeal to more customers, whilst also encouraging both novices and experts to enjoy their take on gardening. 

“We have been really touched by the response from the local community as they have helped to celebrate the re-opening of our beloved centre,” said Mike Greenwood, the returning Manager at Cardiff Wyevale. “We have worked hard to create a shopping and leisure environment where visitors can shop, relax and pick up new tips along the way. There‘s everything you could hope to find in a Garden Centre and so much more… We look forward to welcoming back our loyal customers as well as new visitors in time for Christmas.” 


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