Thursday, June 24, 2021

Morrisons steps in to aid flood victims

Morrisons has announced that it will donate £100,000 to those suffering from the effects of flooding in northern Britain.  

The supermarket chain will extend its assistance to flood appeals in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester and Scotland.  

The donation from the Big Four’s worst performing grocer is the most recent example of retail assistance to communities which have been severely affected by Storm Desmond in the past few weeks.  

Morrisons‘ monetary aid will be put towards clean-up costs, repairs and emergency supplies of clothing, food and drink.  

“We have seen the terrible impact that the floods have had on communities that we serve and we want to do our bit to help,” said Morrisons Chief Executive David Potts. 

“This money will help to start the clean-up process which will be a huge challenge over the coming days and weeks.” 

At present, the grocer has provided crisis centres with food and emergency supplies, as well as opening its own doors to offer free meals in its in-store cafes to those whose lives have been disrupted. Morrisons is also collecting donations from customers visiting its stores.  

Similarly two of Morrisons‘ competitors Sainsbury‘s and Tesco, as well as the Co-op, have also offered support to those affected.


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