Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Fossil Group promotes operations director to MD

The Fossil Group has named Richard Collins, a company veteran of 12 years, as its new Managing Director.

Collins began at Fossil in 2004 as an account merchandising manager, advancing until his most recent role as Operations Director. The company said he had roots “firmly established in the fashion sector”, and will now take a “holistic approach to ensure the entire organisation is aligned to a strategy that will allow Fossil to reach its full potential.”

“There are so many opportunities ahead of Fossil Group,” Collins said. “In the next eight months we will be launching 100 connected devices across our portfolio of brands which will capture the imagination of our customers. We will merge our 30+ years of experience in the fashion watch world with the latest technology to bring some truly innovative products to market.”

Collins also acknowledged that “the retail landscape is changing”, particularly with regards to online shopping and social media.

“… The digital world is evolving rapidly and I need to ensure that Fossil is a fast and agile company that can respond to market forces and the new opportunities that will arise. We need to be prepared to think differently and be open to change. Every Fossil employee should adopt this approach – starting with the managing director.”


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