Saturday, August 20, 2022

Illuminating: BHS staff light landmarks to help protect jobs

Several iconic London landmarks were lit up with Union Jacks and the slogan #SaveBHS as part of a staff campaign to salvage the British retailer.

When BHS went into administration two weeks ago the biggest question, discarding those relating to the management of the 88-year-old chain, was what would happen to the department store empire‘s 11,000 staff. As more and more potential buyers through their hats into the ring, the staff themselves have gotten involved in an attempt to protect their jobs.

Marble Arch, Wellington Arch and the Marylebone BHS HQ were all emblazoned with Union Jacks and the hashtag #SaveBHS. Campaigners are also urging the public to draw attention to the issue via social media.

“Most people have been here 15 to 20 years and everyone is proud that they are part of the great British high street,” said Stephen Hill, Commercial Manager at the BHS Croyden outlet.

“We‘re all getting on with our jobs as you would expect. It is hard seeing everything that has been written about us but we‘re determined to show the best of what we do.”

“The #SaveBHS campaign was the idea of staff,” said Darren Topp, Chief Executive of BHS. “They are really keen that we sell the business whole and keep everybody‘s jobs.”

Most potential buyers have expressed an interest in acquiring pieces of BHS rather than the whole business, as this would require the new owner to take on the company‘s pension deficit.

“In a dark time for everybody this is a statement on behalf of the employees,” Topp continued. “We have our fingers crossed that a buyer will turn up.”


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