Friday, August 12, 2022

Shoppers save 40% on groceries in 2016

Grocery necessities and weekly favourites have dropped in price by almost 40% year-on-year according to findings by

The shopping comparison site‘s Groceries Tracker monitors the price of the same 35 most commonly bought products each month and has found a steady fall in prices in the second quarter.

The study found that a basket of 35 popular grocery products continued to drop in price in April, costing £82.78 in comparison to £86.69 in April 2015.

In the fruit and veg sector, MySupermarket found that prices of broccoli fell by 39%, onions were down by 18%, bananas 15% and fresh peppers were 16% cheaper.  

MySupermarket‘s Managing Director Kim Ludlow noted that supermarket price wars have continued to keep prices competitive across the sector and is essentially benefiting shoppers.

“We‘re also seeing supermarkets committing to slashing prices on own brand or everyday items. Shoppers should enjoy the low prices as we head into summer – but always remain vigilant as prices can change daily” Ludlow added.


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