Friday, September 17, 2021

Steamer Trading Cookshop cooks up a new deal

Steamer Trading Cookshop has acquired total shares of Kitchens Catering Utensils Ltd. Kitchens‘ three stores in Bath, Bristol and Cardiff will join the Steamer Trading estate.

The UK‘s independent cookshop will also operate Kitchens‘ online ecommerce platform. The recently rebranded Kitchens‘ Cookshop stores will revert back to their original name.

All of Kitchens‘ staff will remain with the business, joining Steamer Trading‘s payroll. However, Managing Director Nicky Foster and Sales Director Karen Carnovale that after forty four years and thirty one years at Kitchens, they will be departing from the business.

Kitchens was founded in 1968 as a specialist independent cookshop and has been praised for its staff training, visual merchandising and won the UK Global Innovator Award in 2010.

“Kitchens is truly one of the most respected names in the cookware industry with a reputation for authority, credibility and service that is second to none. I was delighted that the shareholders of Kitchens, many of who will be remaining with the business, chose to partner with Steamer Trading for the future” said Steamer Trading, Managing Director Ben Phillips.

“The decision to move on from Kitchens, a business I‘ve been part of since I was 16, was never going to be easy. But Karen and I have worked closely with Ben and the team at Steamer Trading for many years and we firmly believe that we‘re leaving Kitchens in the best possible hands” commented Nicky Foster, Managing Director of Kitchens.

Karen Carnovale, Sales Director of Kitchens, added “I‘m very proud of everything that Kitchens and our teams have achieved over many years, and I‘m delighted that we‘ve agreed for Steamer to take it forward at an exciting time for the kitchenware sector.”




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