Saturday, December 7, 2019

Retail Gazette Loves: Weve Smart Mobile Coupons


Weve have launched a new mobile coupon system allowing shoppers to redeem vouchers using their smart phones.

The smart scanner mobile coupon, launched this week, allows customers to redeem offers without the need for a physical coupon.

Weve‘s system will also allow advertisers to track redemptions real time and therefore tweak their offers to provide deals that are more relevant their customers.

It works simply: Weve sends a text message to customers on behalf of the advertiser detailing the offer and providing a link to the coupon. 

The customer then clicks the link and a barcode generated by Weve‘s partner Eagle Eye which can be presented and scanned at the checkout, redeeming the offer.

”Previously, consumers who received digital offers were required to revert to printing paper copies in order to redeem at the till,” Weve commercial director Tom Pearman said.

“Using Weve‘s unique text messaging service, advertisers can now influence consumers in the vicinity of a mobile scanner-enabled retailer to drive product trial and purchase via mobile coupon redemption.

“This bespoke system also makes it easier than ever for advertisers to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns.”

Matt Lee, director at Capture, a shopper media agency using Weve to promote their brands, added: “We are very excited about using Weve and Eagle Eye’s new capability in ASDA to deliver trial of our clients’ products.

“It can often be a struggle to gain sustainable rates of sale when a product is hidden among over 30,000 others in a supermarket.

“We can now get them seen by using the right deal mechanics, to target the right demographic, when they’re in the purchasing mindset in-store. That’s a genuine win for the consumer, the brand and the retailer.”

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