Paperchase considers going public with £150 million flotation


Stationary retailer Paperchase has announced it is prepared for a £150 million flotation, as it strongly considers going public.

Private equity Primary Capital, who own the company, planned to sell the Paperchase chain just two years ago. 

After six years of private equity backing, they are considering opening the company to the public which according to the Sunday Times is estimated to reach a value of £150 million on the stock market.

Primary Capital failed to get a big enough price after attempting to sell the company in 2014 asking £150 million, but senior management are thought to have successfully pushed for taking the company public instead of selling it.

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“There are no immediate plans to change our ownership structure but as we look to the future, there are a number of options available for consideration, which of course we match against our brand ambitions,” a spokesperson for Paperchase said.

Paperchase have ambitions to expand into the US, and are currently trialing a partnership with Next.

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