Tesco to sell mini-avocados in food waste reduction scheme


Tesco has launched a new food waste reduction initiative selling by egg-sized avocados which would usually have been discarded by suppliers.

The snack-sized avocados or Zilla Eggs are about a third the size of regular avocados and will be available for purchase in packs of six.

One hundred Tesco stores across the country will sell the mini fruits, which unlike their bigger brothers have soft skin which can be peeled by hand.

“At Tesco we‘re passionate about working in partnership with our suppliers to tackle food waste from farm to fork,” Tesco avocado buyer James Cantoni said.

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“These Zilla Eggs are a brilliant way to offer customers great tasting, high quality avocados, which previously would have been rejected by growers because of their size.

“They are perfect for customers who want to snack, without the usual fuss or worry of wasting the other half of the avocado.

“And it also helps producers who are able to sell even more of their avocado crop.”

Recently Marks & Spencer revealed they would begin using lasers to label avocados to reduce wastage.

Both initiatives come amid the fruit’s recent surge in popularity, with sales rising over 30 per cent this year.

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