2/3 millennials would rather pay by self-service


More than half of young Britons say they would be happy to pay for goods via machine instead of a person, according to a new survey.

A new study from Worldpay has revealed that two thirds of 21 to 34-year olds would happily make a payment without any human interaction.

Conversely, nearly three quarters of baby boomers would prefer to pay a member of staff when shopping at a supermarket.

This compares to 58 per cent of 16 to 20-year olds stating that they‘d rather use a self-service machine.

Th news comes amid increasing fears for retail staff of being replaced by machines, as the prominence of self-service checkouts and introduction of checkout-less stores like Amazon‘s inches closer to reality.

“Today‘s consumers are arguably more demanding of retailers than at any time in the past,” WorldPay‘s James Frost said.

“As technology continues to evolve, the pressure on retailers to deliver a consistent, personalised and convenient experience across every channel, will only increase.

“Stores need to find a way to reconnect with consumers. That means deploying technologies which remove bottle-necks, particularly at the point of sale, and freeing staff to get out from behind the till and talk to customers on the shop floor.

“Retailers that will flourish will be those that strike a balance between personalised service, and seamless convenience.”

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