Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Amazon checkout-free stores may be UK bound


Amazon looks set to introduce its revolutionary checkout-free stores in the UK after registering a UK trademark for the concept.

Across the pond, Amazon has opened its first bricks and mortar concept grocery store, where Amazon employees can use the Amazon Go app to shop for goods without engaging in a paying process while instore.

This store will open to the public early next year and now looks set to make its way to the UK, meaning British shoppers with an Amazon Prime account will soon be able to experience the groundbreaking shopping experience.  

Although the retailer has not confirmed its plans to export its concept officially, a trademark was registered on December 5.

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Many analysts have predicted that such automation in retail could jeopardise three quarters of grocery store jobs. The British Retail Consortium have also suggested that a third of the UK‘s three million shop jobs could disappear within a decade.

The ecommerce giant is keeping quiet about its plans to expand into physical retail, however it is rumored that 2000 stores are planned in the US, some as large as 40,000 sq ft.

Recently Amazon struck a deal with Morrisons in which it will sell fresh and frozen food to shoppers, this and the recent introduction of Amazon Fresh and Amazon Restaurant pose a significant threat to established grocers.

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