Poundland loses legal battle with Toblerone

legal battle

Toblerone has won a three-month legal battle forcing Poundland to redesign its copycat chocolate bar, but has allowed the retailer to sell half a million already in production.

Poundland’s Twin Peaks bar was due for launch in July but was forcibly pushed back due to a legal challenge from the Swiss chocolate maker Toblerone over copyright issues.

The budget retailer will now have to redesign the chocolate bar, which features double chocolate pyramids rather than Toblerone’s singular alpine themed peaks. It responded to the legal challenge stating that Toblerone’s design was no longer iconic.

500,000 Twin Peaks bars are already in production and Poundland have been granted permission to sell these from December, provided its light gold wrapper packaging be changed.

The bar was originally proposed as a response to a backlash from customers over Toblerones new bars, which contained less chocolate for the same price.

The budget retailer has promised to relaunch the bar in a new shape which still “offers customers 180g of British-made chocolate inspired by the Wrekin and Ercall hills in Shropshire”.

“Poundland is an important and valued customer of Mondelēz, so we are glad that we have reached a solution for their Twin Peaks bar,” an spokesperson from Toblerone’s owner Mondelēz said.

“Toblerone is one of the most loved, unique, best-value Swiss-made chocolate products in the world. Its high-quality, special Swiss recipe and triangular peaks have been delighting people around the world since 1908, and we believe will continue to do so for future generations of chocolate lovers too.”

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