Retailers delivering knives to face criminal proceedings


Online retailers could face criminal proceedings if they deliver knives to a buyer’s home under new measures to tackle knife crime in the UK.

In a drive to clamp down on knife crime and acid attacks, the government is introducing a raft of new measures which will make it increasingly difficult to purchase weapons.

It will now be considered an offence to for retailers to deliver a knife directly to a customer’s place of residence.

According to the Home Office, it will be down to retailers to decide where shoppers can collect knives, but it must be somewhere where their age can be verified.

Online-only retailers may have to enter agreements with third party retailers, collection service, or post office.

“All forms of violent crime are totally unacceptable, which is why we are taking action to restrict access to offensive weapons and crack down on those who carry acids with the intent to do harm,” Home Secretary Amber Rudd said.

New measures mirroring the “two strikes” rule will be introduced for people caught with corrosive substances.

If a person is caught more than once with corrosive substances they will receive a minimum prison sentence of six-months, while young offenders will face a minimum of four months detention.

Although no measures affecting the sale of acid have been brought in as part of these new offenses, measures to stop the sale of the most harmful substances to under-18s are reportedly being considered.

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