Amazon accused of “ruining Christmas”

ruining christmas

Amazon has been accused of “ruining Christmas” after attempts to cut down on packaging left many gifts exposed to their recipients.

UK shoppers have taken to social media to express their anger at the retail giant for delivering packages without any cardboard boxes or paper wrapping.

Many of these deliveries, intended as Christmas presents, were subsequently revealed to their intended recipients many of whom are children.

Following consistent criticism of using unnecessary and wasteful packaging on many of their deliveries, Amazon made changes to their packaging policy, delivering many items by sticking the delivery label directly on item’s box.

In response to a disgruntled customer, Amazon stated on Facebook: “I’m so very sorry that your surprise was ruined. We try to minimise the amount of packaging materials we use as much as possible.

“For future orders, you can keep the contents of your package a surprise by selecting the gift option during checkout, or you may mark ‘Ship in Amazon box’ on the checkout page if you don’t wish to reveal the contents.”

Amazon has also been accused of exposing the truth about Santa in its Christmas advert, depicting a father receiving a pile of gifts from Amazon and hiding them from his kids.

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