Sainsbury’s to “take on Domino’s” with takeaway pizza trial

Sainsbury's pay

Sainsbury’s is primed to trial a new takeaway pizza service that allows customers to order by phone and collect when they please.

Running for 12 weeks in the Redhill, Cambridge Eddington and Bradford stores, the new service offers both 10 inch and 14 inch size pizzas for £3.60 and £4.00 respectively, putting the grocer in a strong position to “take on Domino’s”.

According the The Telegraph, Customers can pay for their meal at the collection counter, avoiding the queues elsewhere in store.

They can order a range of toppings and have the option to add extra personalised topping for an extra cost.

Sainsbury’s also offers three pizza bases, including deep pan, stone baked and thin and crispy, along wide a range of sides including drinks, wedges and salads.

“By giving our customers the chance to pre-order personalised hot pizzas and pay at the counter, we are saving them time and giving them a great value takeaway experience,” Sainsbury’s proposition manager Nicola Goodall said.

“As the UK’s first supermarket to test this service, this is an exciting trial for us to listen and understand how our customers respond.”

The news comes after dismal financial results for the retailer were revealed last week, seeing profits drop 40 per cent to £220 million.

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  1. Looks like Sainsbury’s management have been on holiday to Portugal. Continente and Pingo Doce have been offering hot takeaway food for years… and not just pizza. Continente also opens alongside Worten, its electrical stores as well as its clothing and pharmacy brands. Sainsbury’s are now doing the same with Argos and Habitat.

  2. Yet another disastrous move by Mike Coupe who should probably stuck to his forte in I.T. If you want a pizza, got to a pizza shop. Surely there are enough places including Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, Dominos and the thousands of other takeaways as well as online deliveries.
    Sainsbury’s would do well to focus on providing the “Best of British” food at good value prices which is what made Sainsbury a great British supermarket. Losing their USP (unique selling proposition) is, I hasten to add, fairly typical of today’s grocery retailers resulting in all of them being amorphous shops competing on price, not value or produce.
    Sainsbury should lead the way and only buy British and that will keep prices down. Also, stop selling takeaway food and that may keep waistlines down!

    • I think it’s a great idea. Always been a fan of the hot food at Sainsbury’s and always sells very well in the City because everyone eats on the go. Also I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to any of the takeaway pizza places you mentioned, but even a £4 pizza is at least half the price of any of them. Our wastelines may blow up, but I this service is going to aswell


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