Christmas to see mobile shopping boost

Mobile Shopping

The Christmas season is predicted to see a marked rise in online purchases made with mobile devices, according to new research.

Ecommerce data company PCA Predict has revealed that on Christmas Day 2016, as many as two-thirds of online shopping traffic was done via a smartphone, peaking at 71 per cent at 7am.

This year is looking likely to see these figures grow further, with overall use of mobile devices edging up one per cent from January 1 to date.

Meanwhile, desktop use remained flat at 51 per cent.

“What we’re already seeing this year is a small but stable growth among mobile shoppers,” PCA Predict head of marketing Chris Boaz said.

“As mobile becomes more user-friendly, consumers are able to conduct more of their lives through their personal devices.

“We can expect to see more people relying on their smartphones as screens grow, data and roaming advance, and online retailers optimise for mobile.

“I expect Christmas to see a boom in mobile usage, especially considering that, through using mobile devices, people won’t have to leave family commitments to cash in on the best deals. They’ll be able to buy the hottest-ticket items right from the dinner table.

“Mobile is revolutionising the way consumers interact with retailers every day of the year. Christmas is no exception.”

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