Retail Gazette Loves: Mastercard’s smart mirror

Smart mirrors are fast becoming the new buzzword in retail, and Mastercard’s new Oak mirror lays bare just what opportunities they provide for retailers and customers alike.

The Oak mirror will be situated in retailers changing rooms and will allow shoppers to completely control their shopping experience without having to leave the room.

Using radio frequency identification (RFID) embedded in clothing tags the mirror will instantly identify the items you bring in with you, create a virtual shopping basket and allow you to purchase items then and there.

Should a piece of clothing not fit, you can request a member of staff to have another size brought to you via the mirror.

Not only does it transform the shopping experience for customers, but retailers can check inventory and availability immediately, gather product feedback and view fitting room occupancy.

“Augmented and virtual reality is transforming how we shop,” head of digital payments at Mastercard Mike Cowen.

“And while high streets are being challenged by the popularity of online shopping, these technologies allow retailers to fight back by giving the public the digital convenience they demand. We are working closely with these brands to deliver new and safer ways to pay to provide a more personal and speedy experience for shoppers.”

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