Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop under fire for 113 alleged breaches of UK advertising law


A month after Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop launched its first pop-up store in the UK, the online lifestyle retailer has come under fire for 113 alleged breaches of UK advertising law.

According to The Sunday Times, the Good Thinking Society has accused Goop of endangering the public by providing “potentially dangerous” items related to “unproven” health products.

The society has submitted its findings to National Trading Standards and the Advertising Standards Authority.

In those complaints, Goop is accused of 113 breaches of advertising law, including selling a selection of “health-giving” stones costing £76 each.

Another product causing controversy is The Mother Load, a “top-of-the-line natal protocol” for women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant that costs £88.

The product claims to contain 110 per cent of the recommended “daily value” of vitamin A for adults.

However, both the NHS and the World Health Organisation have stated that pregnant women should avoid taking supplements containing vitamin A because of the potential risks.

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