Retailers cash in on Halloween as over half of shoppers splash out

More than half of UK consumers splashed out this Halloween, providing a welcome boost for the country’s retail industry.

According to data and analytics company GlobalData, 51.5 per cent of UK consumers spent money for Halloween, with the grocery and fashion sectors benefiting most.

Of those, 75.4 per cent who spent for Halloween purchased food items like pumpkins and sweets for trick-or-treating, thanks to grocers rolling out marketing campaigns and discounting seasonal products.

Fashion retailers like Asos and Topshop also sought to cash in on the fact that more consumers than ever were purchasing clothes for Halloween, launching sales on the day across their websites.

“In order for retailers to attract Halloween shoppers in 2019, value for money must be emphasised as discounters and grocers continued to dominate the retailers used across product categories,” GlobalData’s retail analyst Emily Salter said.

“Value for money remained the top driver of retailer choice for Halloween clothing & costume products, and quality increased in importance, driven by the health & safety concerns surrounding children’s costumes and consumer desire to wear items multiple times.”

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