Dominic Chappell to be sentenced next week

Dominic Chappell

Dominic Chappell, the last owner of BHS, is due to be sentenced next week after a drawn-out legal battle.

The former bankrupt will be sentenced at Hove Crown Court next Friday for on three counts of breaching Section 72, failing to provide information when requested by the regulator into the sale of BHS in 2015.

Earlier this year, he was convicted of offences for neglecting or refusing to provide information and documents without a reasonable excuse.

At an appeal hearing in September against the conviction, Chappell said he was “absolutely swamped with work and I got round to it as soon as practicable. I believed I acted in a proper and accurate way”.

He added: “At the same time I was dealing with the insolvency of a company employing 11,000 people… You have no idea the pressure and the work strains coming down on me at that time.”

Chappell has already been fined £87,000 in relation to the case.

Last month Chappell, who is currently involved in discussions with five separate government departments, told an Insolvency and Companies Court hearing in London that he “just cannot fight anymore”.

Chappell appeared and represented himself in court after business secretary Greg Clark took legal action against him under the terms of the legislation governing the disqualification of company directors.

“I don’t have the money at the moment to ask for representation from a legal firm,” he said.

Outside the court, he added: “I have got five government departments either wanting money or costing me money at the moment.

“I don’t mind being barred as a company director but I do dispute some of the evidence they are presenting.”

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