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Dropit is a delivery service for physical shopping trips, which allows shoppers to leave their purchases behind the till at any participating retailer.

The service covers shopping destinations like Wembley’s London Designer Outlet (LDO) or London’s West End, meaning shoppers can make multiple purchases in multiple retailers and have them all delivered to their home or hotel at a time of their choosing.

It is designed to allow shoppers spend the day shopping without having to lug around numerous bags full of their purchases, and offers same-day or next-day delivery for purchases made before 4pm to addresses inside the M25.


First of all, you can download Dropit’s app either on iOS or Android, and set up your account. Alternatively, you can use an in-store device at the store you’re shopping in.

You’ll be asked to enter your delivery address and when you want your items delivered.

You’ll be offered delivery on a number of days between 6pm and 10.30pm, including the following day if items were purchased before the 4pm deadline.

Once you’ve entered your card details, which will be charged £10.50 for the service covering an unlimited number of items, simply select your location and you can start your first drop.

When you take your first item to the till, ask your server about the Dropit service and they’ll direct you to a QR code. Tap “Start Dropping” and scan the QR code which will identify which store you’re in to begin the process.

Once you’ve made your purchase, you need to take a picture of the receipt using the app, ensuring the date, place it was issued and total amount spent.

The attendant will then bag up your goods, and you’ll be asked to scan the barcode on the sealed bag to finish the process.















After you begin your first drop, a countdown timer will appear in the app, showing you how long you have until the area closes.

You’ll then be able to track the progress of your order from “Processing” to “On Its Way”, receiving regular updates via email.

The app also provides a list of participating retailers in your area, alongside a map of where they’re situated. Although this is not necessary in LDO as all of its retailers take part, for a shopping trip in the West End this is helpful information.

Your bags will then be delivered at the time you have requested in the following days.


For the most part, Dropit is a great idea executed well, which would provide genuine relief for those big destination shopping trips where you know you’ll be making a large number of purchases.

However, you’ll probably need to plan ahead. The fact you need to download the app and set up and account means that it is more difficult to use the app spontaneously.

You’ll likely need wi-fi to download the app, and setting up your account by entering your card details in the middle of the store is pretty cumbersome, especially at peak periods.















The £10.50 required to begin dropping is not an awful lot compared to online delivery bills if you’re buying lots of items from various shops, but for a single pair of shoes you’d rather not lug around all day this may seem steep for many shoppers.

That said, the actual process of scanning a couple of codes is smooth and easy, just ensure all the important information is correctly and clearly pictured when you snap your receipt to be safe.

Difficulties can arise when you have limited internet access, but this is not a problem at LDO where there is free wi-fi for the entire centre.

A more specific delivery time would also not go amiss as 6pm to 10.30pm means you really have to spend all evening at home. This is fine if you’re getting things delivered to your house, but if you’re on holiday and want items delivered to say an Airbnb, this could be a major inconvenience.


If you’re planning a major shopping trip and have some cash to splash, then the Dropit app is ideal for you. It is an odd but very satisfying sensation knowing you’ve just bought a trolley’s worth of items and strolling out of a shop empty handed.

For areas like LDO or the West End, destination shopping locations which Dropit covers, it’s pretty likely you’ll have planned your trip in advance anyway

However, for a more casual or spontaneous shop, you may find the cost of delivery or the setup too cumbersome to justify using the service.

As the app takes up so little room, it’ll do no harm to download the app and set up an account just in case.

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