Amazon launches autonomous Scout delivery robot

// Amazon has begun testing the Amazon Scout automated delivery robot
// Six robots will deliver items in day light hours to Amazon customers near its head quarters
// Initial testing will see Amazon employees accompany the Scout on its deliveries

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Amazon has launched an autonomous delivery robot called Amazon Scout and will begin testing the device near its headquarters in Seattle.

Six of the Amazon Scout robots will be delivering goods to Amazon shoppers in Snohomish County in Washington over the coming weeks during “daylight hours”

The six-wheeled robot is powered by an electric battery and moves at walking pace and is roughly the size of a hamper.

Though it will eventually be completely autonomous, the initial testing phase will see an Amazon employee accompany it to ensure the devices can “safely and efficiently navigate around pets, pedestrians and anything else in their path.”

The tech giant has been testing automated drone delivery technology over the past few years, but this marks its first foray into ground based automated delivery.

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