Meet Robomart, the “autonomous store on wheels”

// Stop & Shop to begin testing the delivery vehicle in the Boston area in Spring
// Robomart is an autonomous mini-shop which can be hailed like an Uber
// Shoppers can select a range of items and be charged automatically via an app

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US grocery chain Stop & Shop is set to begin testing an “autonomous store on wheels” which users can hail with an app.

The Robomart vehicle, created by a San Francisco-based tech startup of the same name, will carry around a range of fresh produce inside its temperature-controlled compartment.

Customers can call the Robomart using an app, much like calling an Uber, then select a range of items including fresh fruit and vegetables, meal kits and convenience items.

Using similar technology to Amazon’s Go stores, RFID sensors will detect when a shopper removes and item from the Robomart and charge them automatically, emailing them a receipt when they’re done shopping.

When stock runs low the Robotmart will return to a nearby Stop & Shop to restock.

Although it will have driverless technology installed, the initial testing – which is due to take place in the Boston area this spring – will see a remote driver take the wheel.

This follows news earlier this week that Ahold Delhaize, which owns Stop & Shop, is set to deploy the hundreds of robots across is store network, marking the largest introduction of in-store robots in US history.

Nearly 500 6ft in-store robots dubbed Marty, complete with giant googly eyes, will be introduced to its store network and alert staff and customers to hazards and spills in stores.

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