Commuters contribute £22.8bn to UK economy

//  Online retail spend from commuters contributes £22.8bn to the UK economy
//  Data based on online retail spending that occurs while on all forms of public transport

A new report has found that online retail spend from commuters contributes £22.8 billion per year to the economy, and amounts to 14 per cent of annual online spending in the UK.

According to research by Centre for Business and Economics Research, in partnership with Kinetic and Exterion Media, the typical weekly spend for commuters amounts to £89, rising to £153 a week for commuters in London.

The report calculates spend on both products and services purchased via mobile whilst on the move, such as on public transport or coaches.

The research found that 43 per cent of commuters around the UK said they made a purchase while commuting at least four times a month.

In all regions surveyed, clothing was the most popular purchase, with 76 per cent of those surveyed saying they’d purchased clothes in the past year.

This was followed closely by purchases in health and beauty at 71 per cent, activities at 69 per cent, and grocery shopping at 65 per cent.

The research also uncovered that 70 per cent of commuters have made a purchase as a result of advertising seen on their journeys.

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