Morrisons to slash prices as grocers compete for customer loyalty

Morrisons prices

Morrisons has announced plans to slash prices off 900 products as analysts predict a Christmas sales boost for discount retailers Aldi and Lidl.

Retail trading updates are predicted to indicate that Aldi and Lidl’s low prices and heavy advertising sustained its win during the Christmas battle among supermarkets in the UK.

Morrisons said it would continue to defend its market share by slashing an average of 20 per cent off “store cupboard favourites”.

Predictions also indicate that Morrisons would post a 0.5 per cent increase in retail sales during the festive period.

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  1. Morrisons us finished as a company.
    They have an appalling managment in store they don’t give the right level support to their staff.
    And customer service from the managers are appalling.

  2. If they can achieve the same price/quality as Aldi & Lidl, AND make it easy for people to buy at that price, they might be on to something.

    If not, they’re wasting their time and will still only compete against the other “big” shops, while their combined total market share falls.

  3. Morrison’s is the best but prices need to be lowered and I beg u stop adding so much cctv, just makes me really uneasy there’s like 5 cameras right next to eachother In some stores


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