Tesco eyes 15,000 job cuts

Tesco job cuts
// Tesco planning to cut as much as 15,000 jobs
// Staff working in deli & meat counters, in-store bakeries & staff canteens at risk
// Part of CEO Dave Lewis’ plans to cut costs by £1.5bn by 2020

Tesco is reportedly planning to make 15,000 redundancies in the latest round of cost cuts, targeting staff working at its fresh food counters, bakeries and staff canteens.

According to The Mail on Sunday, the job cuts are part of chief executive Dave Lewis’ plans to cut costs by £1.5 billion by 2020 to make the retail giant more profitable.

The jobs being targeted are reportedly in Tesco’s 732 largest stores and includes staff employed as butchers, fishmongers, bakers and at cheese stands and delicatessens.

Chief operating officer Tony Hogett, according to an internal company email seen by the BBC, has reportedly said plans were “still being finalised”.

He also acknowledged that “any changes” would be hard for those affected and that more details would follow.

The Retail Gazette has contacted Tesco for further comment.

The news comes after Tesco splashed out £4 billion last year to acquire wholesaler and convenience store operator Booker last year in a bid to have more control over its supply chain.

It also launched Jack’s, a new discount grocery chain, towards the end of the year, as a direct response to rapidly-growing discount rivals Lidl and Aldi.

Since Lewis took the helm of Tesco in 2014, more than 10,000 jobs have been cut.

Cutting 15,000 staff is equivalent to around 3.4 per cent of the retailer’s current total workforce of 440,000.

Usdaw, the main union representing Tesco staff, has called the media speculation of job cuts “distressing”.

“It is appalling that they should hear about the future of their jobs in this way,” national officer Pauline Foulkes said.

“Usdaw is seeking an urgent meeting with the company to clarify the situation, to examine the details of what changes they are proposing and what this means for staff.

“Our priority will be to press Tesco to confirm the details of their proposed changes to stop any further speculation.”

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  1. I think this is disgusting they opened new stores Jacks and paying out thousands of pounds to open a school to tackle food waste with Jamie Oliver but they cannot look after the staff they have. Is the CEO taking a cut in wages I don’t think so

  2. I’ve got to agree with my colleague tesco have let down their workforce it wasn’t that long ago their was speculation over store managers suddenly it’s the customers who are being affected by the cutting of these departments it’s hightime the seniors took a paycut and leave the working man alone we have suffered enough with the cuts the company has already done now we are about to face the brunt again surley their is othere ways they can save the money but desemating your workforce is going to loose you sales due to less choice you talk about plastic waste why don’t you cut back on the prepacked selection and work more with your counters .

  3. I am one of the people affected by the cuts. Whoever leaked this to the papers should be ashamed of themselves all the have achieved is leaving hundreds of people’s lives in limbo. Knowing this we now have to sit and wait for more information. Discussted with whoever it was

  4. Just found this evening that F&F night staff also risk of redundancy, I’ve worked at tesco 9 years and always thought my job was safe?


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