Whole Foods introduces special dietary search tool for online shoppers

Amazon - Whole Foods deal

Whole Foods has introduced a new feature to its website which allows customers with special dietary needs to search for suitable products.

The Amazon-owned grocer, which currently trades from 475 stores in the US and seven stores in the UK, has introduced the search tool across its desktop and mobile platforms in the US.

It will allow customers to filter tens of thousands of products for different dietary preferences like keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, vegan, kosher, low sodium and dairy free.

The search results will then inform the shopper of the item’s nutritional facts, ingredients and allergens, as well as its availability in their local store.

“Whole Foods Market has always been a go-to for those who follow special diets or want greater transparency into what they are eating,” Whole Foods’ executive vice president Jason Buechel said.

“This new experience makes it easier than ever for those customers to find products that fit their needs from dietary preferences to lifestyle changes, and ultimately helps them achieve their wellness goals.”

This follows reports that the grocer is planning to expand its two-hour delivery service and 30-minute pick up service to every store, though the service will still only be available to Amazon Prime customers.

It is also understood to be scouting for potential retail spaces across the US into suburbs and regions where it currently has no presence.

Amazon purchased Whole Foods back in 2017 for $13.7 million and has since continued to drive its expansion into the physical retail market across the US and the UK, launching numerous Amazon Go stores alongside its new 4-star stores.

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