Asos revealed as the most engaging retailer for uni students

Asos campus society
// Campus Society revealed the top 10 retailers that were “best at communicating” with students
// Asos crowned champion
// New Look, Topshop, Amazon, H&M, Nike, Primark, PrettyLittleThing, Tesco and Urban Outfitters followed

The UK’s largest social network for students has revealed the top 10 retailers that university students reported as the “best at communicating”.

Asos came out on top of Campus Society’s top 10 list as the “best communicator”, closely followed by New Look, Topshop, Amazon, H&M, Nike, Primark, PrettyLittleThing, Tesco and Urban Outfitters.

Campus Society also found from their survey of 2255 university students that the top five factors of “good communication” was providing offers and discounts, which 68 per cent of students reported.

Fifty-five per cent said the frequency of communications were important, while 47 per cent said sharing exciting content was favourable.

Meanwhile, 38 per cent said a lack of spam and irrelevant content was a part of good communication.

Also revealed are the top-five contributing factors according to students: Effectively communicating relevant offers and discounts (68 per cent); frequency of communications (55 per cent); sharing exciting content (47 per cent); using the right tools to engage (44 per cent); lack of spam or irrelevant content (38 per cent).

“Retailers who get the frequency, relevance and mechanism of content delivery right will reap the benefits of better, more meaningful connections with the student,” Campus Society chief executive Rashid Ajami said.

“Asos is a great example of a retailer that has moved to reduce its traditional advertising spend and instead invest in technologies and platforms that will enable it to have a better, more connected relationship with its customers.”

Responses were collected from 258 universities and colleges across the UK.

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