E-Commerce Guide To Customer Lifecycle, AI & Personalization


Key e-commerce strategies for 2019

Whether you’re just adding the finishing touches to your marketing plan for this year, or you haven’t even begun, Kickstart 2019 offers actionable advice you can start using today.

Create a detailed marketing plan for 2019. Beginning with a complete breakdown of the customer lifecycle, this e-book details customer campaigns for every segment, examines AI in e-commerce now and in the future, and finishes with personalization tips.


  • A detailed Customer Lifecycle Management framework for increasing customer value
  • 20+ customer campaigns, organized for each lifecycle segment
  • An in-depth look at how AI is used today, and how it will be used in 2019 and beyond
  • Tactics for creating personalized experiences without being creepy

Kickstart 2019: E-Commerce Guide to the Customer Lifecycle,

AI & Personalization



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