Hands On with the Argos AR app

Ever had trouble buying furniture online because it's hard to decide how it'd look in your room? Argos' new augmented reality app seems to have solved the problem. We took it for a test drive.

Argos app

Questions such as “what will this product look like in my home?”, “which colour looks best?” and “does it actually physically fit in my room?” almost always spring to mind each and every time one shops for furniture online.

Harnessing the power of augmented reality (AR), Argos is one of the first major retailers to solve that problem. Now users can virtually place a TV in their room as the retailer’s new AR app allows them to view animated versions of certain items such as sofas and wardrobes and how it would look in their room.


The iOS app has integrated an AR viewing mode into the existing Argos app, letting customers visualise and interact with a range of furniture products in their own homes.

The AR feature lets shoppers view an animated product within their room. This new feature is believed to make shopping a much simpler task.

Not only does the app let visitors see animated 3D products in their room, it also lets them know if there’s any left in stock.


Upon launching the app, the homepage will show options such as “find product” and “browse range”, which gives shoppers a shortcut to what they’re looking for.

Argos app

Users can then choose what category to search from. For example, if they click on “home & garden” they can view a selection of items such as sofas. If an item has an arrow hexagon shape within a box, then it means users can view it in AR.

Once users click on “view in your room”, they can see how the sofa will look in their office or home.

Argos app

They can also see how a TV looks from all angles by clicking on “view in 3D”.

Argos app

Argos app


When users are pleased enough with their selected item, they can shop directly through Argos app and have the item delivered by filling in their information, or choose to have it shipped to their nearest Argos store.

The app also provides substantial information about the product, as well as customer reviews and ratings.

Argos app

Another helpful feature is the “visual search” feature, which means users can upload images or take images of any items outdoors or in their home that they’d like to purchase from Argos.

This is especially useful if the customer wants to find a replica of a product or if they’ve forgotten the name of an item.

Argos app

Once they’ve taken an image, the app will tell them whether there’s any matching items in store.

Argos app

If matching items are found, the app will list how many products there are, as well as images and prices so customers can find the right item.


Whether you’ve just bought your first home and you’re looking for a funky sofa to glam it up, or you’re searching for a TV for your student flat, Argos’ AR feature within its app can prove extremely.

Not only does the easy-purchase system save a lot of time, it also saves a trip to the nearest Ikea store. The chances of returning an item are also quite low as the app will show you whether the colour of the item will suit your home and whether the size looks right.

Moreover, with AR, the future of ecommerce is one where we move beyond the web page and the mobile app, and into a world where digital and physical are combined.

Argos’ involvement in AR gives shoppers an even more realistic sense of the product they’re looking to purchase.

However, the app may not be for shoppers who prefer to go in-store and feel the products in case they’re not quite sure.

It also might not be for those who have a tendency to be indecisive.

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