Referral best practice guide


Unlock referral marketing as a key acquisition channel.
Learn from these leading brands.

Happy customers are your best marketing tool. Their loyalty to your brand can help drive new customer acquisition. Find out how top brands encourage, incentivise and track this customer advocacy to transform it into their best performing marketing channel.

In our latest guide, we share insights from working with 350+ leading brands. Each brand has very different offerings and demographics, but each shares one characteristic – they’ve unlocked referral as a major acquisition channel for their business.

Free Guide packed with over 70 examples of outstanding referral marketing campaigns:

  • Best practice insight from leading brands driving significant customer acquisition via referral
  • Tips across all sectors from fashion and beauty to finance and utilities
  • Ideas for AB testing to optimise your refer-a-friend campaign performance
  • The chance to see who was crowned the winners in our coveted 2019 Referral Marketing Awards

Want to increase your customer acquisition by harnessing referral as a part of your marketing strategy?

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