Wyevale Garden Centres updates loyalty scheme

Wyevale loyalty
// Wyevale loyalty scheme now sees instant discounts every time members shop.
// Previously members had to earn loyalty points to earn the discounts
// Wyevale has also replaced own-brand gift cards with widely-used National Garden gift cards

Wyevale Garden Centres has announced changes to its Garden Club loyalty scheme which will see the collection of loyalty points replaced with an instant discount every time members shop.

The changes, which have been introduced in time for the Easter bank holiday break, will give customers an instant reward through a five per cent discount at the till.

The new scheme represents the same value for customers, who previously collected five points per £1.

For customers over 60, the rewards are even greater, with 10 per cent discount every Tuesday.

Wyevale said that all qualifying points collected on purchases made up to April 16, or April 15 if online, will be converted to reward vouchers and sent to Garden Club members by the end of May.

This includes points earned over the recent triple points weekend on April 13-14.

Wyevale also expects to send out around one million reward vouchers with a face value of over £5 million, including 560,000 vouchers to Garden Club members who have not reached the minimum threshold but have been “topped up” and sent a £2.50 voucher.

“Our centres are full of fantastic products as we enter the peak gardening season and our teams are ready to help,” Wyevale chief operating officer Anthony Jones said.

“I am sure our Garden Club members will welcome the new five per cent discount and we are already seeing footfall building ahead of the Easter bank holiday weekend.

“Additionally, a record £5 million of reward vouchers, which will be sent by the end of May and valid until 31st August, should be a welcome boost for members as we move into the summer season.”

Separately, Wyevale also announced it would stop selling own-brand gift cards from April 17 to focus on National Garden gift vouchers that can be redeemed in over 1000 garden centres nationwide, including all Wyevale branches.

However, Wyevale-branded gift cards will continue to be redeemable in all Wyevale Garden Centres, including the 31 centres recently sold to Dobbies, both before and after completion of the sale of these centres.

“With a smaller estate and therefore reduced national coverage, we have stopped selling [Wyveale] branded gift cards to focus on National Garden gift vouchers,” Jones said.

“Accepted by over 1000 garden centres, including all of our centres, we believe this is the right thing to do for our customers.”

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  1. I preferred the old way, collecting points giving me a reason to save up points for a nice big gift to buy myself presents for family friends. Not individual point’s each time shop.
    I think you should given us choice, ask at till points on card? or discount?

    • Yes me to. For exactly the same reason. The 5% or 10% for the over 60s like me you would hardly notice. But the vouchers through my door is always welcome, and as Susan Moore said it gives you reason to go and spend it on one large plant or as I did recently it paid for my 4 bags of soil , so it felt like I was getting it free. Wyevale nurseries are good with their offers, so I hope it does not change to drastically.

  2. Great idea. As we live in Bristol after nearby Wyvale centre closures the nearest was going to be Raglan in South Wales. A long way to go to get or redeem discounts or vouchers

  3. Wyevale where I live has now changed to Dobbies, I have £27 in vouchers to spend so have to make a 60 mile round trip to spend them.

  4. Very disappointed. Loved receiving my voucher and spending them on something special. We have just made an alpine bed, all paid for with vouchers. You have taken away one of our reasons for using Wyevale.

  5. Far better then fiddling around with paper now get discount every time and extra on Tuesdays- what’s not to love?!

  6. i think it wrong losing points and vouchers. 5 per cent not good.people don’t realise that blue diamond are in competition with wyevale and you getting better deals with them to be honest .wyevale need to not do this

  7. This “gem” of a change got dropped on staff on the busiest weekend of the year (on Good Friday and not before) and they realised there was a complete cock up meaning that till queues were horrendous, customers were aggravated and it made an easy job ten times more difficult.

    It’s not as if working the bank holidays were hard enough with lack of staff due to the horrendous “Evergreen” staffing streamlining, then they drop that on us. Not good enough.

  8. There are no centres near me so I converted my rewards to online discount coeds and there is nothing to purchase on line. FDiappoited.


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