Aldi to trial paper & biodegradable bags from July

Aldi plastic bags
// Aldi has said it will trial paper and biodegradable bags from July
// Its new compostable bags are made of a bio-degradable material & designed to be 100% domestically compostable within 1 year
// Aldi has pledged to cut down on its plastic packaging by 25% by the end of 2023

Aldi has announced a new trial which will see it use biodegradable and paper bags in stores across the UK.

The German discounter said half of its stores will offer paper bags while the other half will offer compostable carrier bags from July.

Once the trial ends, the most popular choice of bags will be selected as Aldi’s permanent shopping bags across all UK stores.

Aldi’s new compostable bags are made of a bio-degradable material and are designed to be 100 per cent domestically compostable within 12 months.

“Reducing the amount of plastic we produce is fundamental to our commitment to being a sustainable and environmentally responsible business,” Aldi managing director of corporate responsibly, Fritz Walleczek said.

“This trial will identify the option which best suits our shoppers. Cutting waste is part of Aldi’s DNA and we are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact.

“This new trial is one of the biggest we have ever launched because we want our customers to be involved and help us make the right decision for them and the environment,” he said.

Aldi has pledged to cut down on its plastic packaging by 25 per cent by the end of 2023.

Just recently, Big 4 grocer Sainsbury’s announced it’s due to become the UK’s first supermarket to ditch plastic bags for its loose fruit, veg and bakery products.

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  1. In Wales not had plastic bags for free for years so not the main problem, food packaging is the problem. Fruit and veg in bags and plastic that can’t be recycled at all, please tackle this Aldi as am a regular shopper here for last 18 years and want to stay this way thanks.

  2. Well done Aldi but why have you replaced the packaging for your porridge oats from paper to plastic? Sold in paper bags ( like flour) and then suddenly switched to plastic. Your approach needs to be consistent.

  3. I appreciate big companies trying to reduce plastic waste but the new bags are terrible. My bags handle broke ,when I left my car to walk 15 meters to my home. I lost a bottle of wine and had the job of cleaning up the mess. I definitely won’t keep using Aldi if this is a permanent change. I know to some people this might sound petty, but seriously, you’re lucky to get your shopping in your car before the bags break.

  4. I love the compostable bags, can use after as food waste and works out cheaper as only 6p a bag as who always carries another bags round with them?

  5. So today I did an aldi shop and bought one of the bags for 25pwith the drawstring tie) which was scanned at the till.
    So if I was to go in next time, and take this bag with me to put in loose potatoes or whatever in it, will it be scanned again at the till, and I will be charged 25p again?


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